Доклад от Фондация „Джендър алтернативи“ пред ООН (22-ра сесия) по въпросите за половата равнопоставеност, сексуалното насилие и сексуалното образование


 The current report has been presented at the 22nd UN UPR session in MAY 2015.

It makes recommendations  for  strengthening  the  enforcement  of  laws  and  regulations  related to  gender-based  violence. Sexuality  education  is  not  a  compulsory  and  separate subject  in  the  Bulgarian  school  curricula.  Together  with  the  lack  of  access  to contraception, this is the cause for high rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion among  adolescents.  Women  face  verbal  abuse,  extortion  and  other  forms  of  abuse when     accessing     reproductive     health     services.
This     submission     makes recommendations to ensure accountability for such abuses.

The full text can be found here: www.genderalternatives.org

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